Mission and Objectives

AmCham’s MISSION: 

Promote free trade and business between Chile and the United States”

AmCham’s VISION:

  • We are an important and valuable actor that contributes to increasing trade, investment, and new business development between Chile and the United States.

  • We represent all industry sectors and companies that do business with the US.

  • Our opinion is heard and influential.

  • We are a professional, dedicated, and capable organization.



The President of AmCham, Javier Irarrázaval, outlines the 2011 plans and objectives in a letter to members.

  • Contribute to the growth of trade and investment, and to the development of new business.

  • Promote economic development and innovation in Chile, while fostering entrepreneurship and the creation of venture capital.

  • Organize and coordinate trade missions and road shows in both countries.

  • Ensure that the advantages of investing and doing business in Chile and the United States are known.

  • Help increase imports and exports between Chile and the United States.

  • Represent companies and industry sectors involved in trade with the United States.

  • Increase membership of American corporations in AmCham, and improve the participation of corporations in Chile that are involved in trade with the United States.

  • Promote an effective and productive network among Chamber members.

  • Extend the presence of AmCham throughout Chile.


(Feb 2011)