Escondida Brings Picasso to Antofagasta

Fundación Minera Escondida (FME) and Fundación Telefónica have brought an exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso from Santiago to FME’s building in Antofagasta. The exhibition runs from April 20 to June 3, 2012, and entrance is free.

The show belongs to the Fundación Picasso-Museo Casa Natal in Spain and is comprised of 60 etchings and lithographs by the artist. To promote the exhibition, FME has prepared an intensive programme of interactive visits for the general public, families and school students.

“We are very happy because the exhibition was popular in Santiago and will be shown at our home, Antofagasta, in the FME building’s exhibition center,” said Edgar Basto, president of Minera Escondida.