US State Department Energy Expert Visits AmCham

On August 1 the US State Department’s Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, Ambassador Carlos Pascual, gave a presentation at AmCham titled “Energy in the Americas”.

Those in attendance included the US Ambassador to Chile, Alejandro Wolff, AmCham President Javier Irarrázaval, and Executive Director Rodrigo Ballivián, amongst other guests.

Pascual is leading the new Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR), which was created by the Department of State last year to ensure that all diplomatic relationships advance the interest of the United States in having access to “secure, reliable, and ever-cleaner sources of energy”.

During his presentation, Pascual spoke about the importance of shale gas (natural gas trapped within shale formations) in the United States, which has helped to reduce its dependence on oil.

“Natural gas can help in the transition process but it is not the solution, which is why it is important to continue with other initiatives in energy efficiency, solar energy, wind and investments in new technologies such as carbon capture and storage,” said Pascual.