Chile-Massachusetts Executive Council Launched

Members of the Chile-Massachusetts Executive Council (left to right): Horacio Caperán, executive secretary of the Chile-Massachusetts Plan; José Miguel Aguilera, CONICYT; Peter Morse, Banco de Chile; Kristen Rupert, AIM International Business Council; Ken Brown, Massachusetts Office of International Trade & Investment; Pamela Goldberg, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative; Felipe Bulnes, Chile’s Ambassador to the US; Pamela Norton, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center; Arnoldo Hax, president of the Council; Alicia Barton McDevitt, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center; Ned Strong, Harvard University’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies; Rodrigo Ballivián, AmCham, and Jaime Chomalí, Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On October 10, the new Chile-Massachusetts Executive Council was formally created in Boston with the participation of a large Chilean delegation including AmCham’s executive director, Rodrigo Ballivián.

The purpose of the Council is to put into practice the Chile-Massachusetts agreement signed in December 2011 by President Sebastián Piñera and the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick. Comprised of 17 members from the public and private sector in Chile and Massachusetts, the Council is headed by Arnoldo Hax, professor of innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic management at MIT.

After the ceremony, Chile’s Ambassador to the United States, Felipe Bulnes, held a private meeting with Governor Patrick. “Just as the Chile-California Plan is focused on the cradle of entrepreneurship, Massachusetts is a cradle of innovation at the frontier of knowledge. These are fundamental pillars to achieving our goal of becoming a developed country,” the Ambassador said.

The Chilean delegation was led by the Minister of Education, Harald Beyer, who was joined by the Undersecretary of Economy, Tomás Flores, and presidents of Chilean public and private universities. Over three days (October 10-12) they participated in roundtable discussions with counterparts from the State of Massachusetts and held field trips to local universities including the University of Massachusetts, MIT and Harvard.