Crystal Lagoons and U. of Berkeley join forces in entrepreneurship scholarship schemePrograma Crystal Lagoons y U. de Berkeley

Ikhlaq Sidhu, UC Berkeley; Ricardo San Martín, scholarship program coordinator Crystal Lagoons Berkeley; and Ken Singer, UC Berkeley.

Crystal Lagoons and the University of Berkeley in the United States have formed an alliance seeking to strengthen the entrepreneurial talent of Chileans through the joint program “Crystal Lagoons Grants – Berkeley 2014”, directed at innovative local entrepreneurs already established in the business world.

The initiative, implemented in Chile for the first time, allows the founders of innovative companies with established business operations and sales to submit applications to the intensive program “Skydeck – Global Venture Program (GVP)”. The focus of this program is holistic – covering strategies, tactics, exercises, mentality, culture, infrastructure and contact networks. The idea is for it to contribute to strengthening the commercial take-off of these companies, in accordance with the “Go to Market” concept.

The scholarship program will be developed in the central headquarters of the University of Berkeley in California and funded entirely by Crystal Lagoons, as a way of contributing to national entrepreneurial human capital and employment opportunities in Chile.

Crystal Lagoons y la Universidad de Berkeley de aliaron para potenciar el talento emprendedor a través del programa “Becas Crystal Lagoons – Berkeley 2014”, dirigido a emprendimientos innovadores locales. La iniciativa, que se realiza por primera vez en Chile, permitirá a fundadores de empresas innovadoras con operación empresarial y facturación, postular al “Skydeck–Global Venture Program (GVP)”, enfocado en el “Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BME)”, cuyo enfoque holístico -estrategias, tácticas, ejercicios, mentalidad, cultura, infraestructura y red de contactos-, contribuirá a potenciar su despegue comercial, bajo el concepto “Go to Market”.

El programa se desarrollará en la sede central de la U. de Berkeley en California y será financiado por Crystal Lagoons.