US Deputy Secretary of Energy meets with Chilean executives from across the sector

Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman took part in roundtable discussions entitled “Chile–US: Challenges, Opportunities and Collaboration in the New Energy Reality”. The event covered the challenges facing the energy industry and established areas of interest and collaboration between the two countries in different areas, including shale gas, non-conventional renewable energies (NCRE) and transmission systems. The roundtable session was attended by notable actors from the domestic sector: Bernardo Larraín, President of Colbún; Cristián Sjögren, from First Solar; Eric Ahumada, from Transelec; and Ignacio Santelices, from the Ministry of Energy, among others.

Rodrigo Álvarez, advisor to the Chile-US Energy Business Council and ex-Minister of Energy, was the roundtable moderator. He stated that “one of the most interesting places, in terms of accumulated experience, diversity of markets, technological evolution, levels of social participation and public policy definitions relating to energy is the United States”.

Deputy Secretary Poneman noted, “We currently find ourselves at an opportune moment in terms of energy security. In the past, we invested in technologies that were not particularly interesting to the private sector, but the opportunities are different nowadays”. He was speaking before an exclusive audience of 30 businesspersons and trade leaders from the Chilean energy industry and Government representatives. Having highlighted the excellent and highly productive relationship between the two countries, the Deputy Secretary then pointed out that, undoubtedly, two of the most important future challenges regarding energy relate to security and climate.

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