Human Capital Committee discusses productivity in Chile

Alejandra Aranda, AmCham; Iván Arriagada, Codelco; Alejandro Krell, Mckinsey & Company; Enrique Elsaca, Latam Airlines Group; Peter Morse and Roberto Matus, AmCham.

On June 17, the Human Capital Committee convened in the offices of EY to discuss in detail the following issue: productivity in Chile, a public-private challenge. The event was led by Alejandra Aranda, Chair of the Committee, and had a high turnout of around 120 people. The speakers included Enrique Elsaca, General Manager and Vice-President of Operations at Latam Airlines Group; Ivan Arriagada, Vice-President of Management and Finance and Productivity Sponsor at Codelco; and Alejandro Krell, partner at Mckinsey & Company.



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