Intellectual Property and Innovation Committee analyzes R&D Act

Carlos Honorato, AmCham; Mauricio Palma, Orand; Isabel Salinas, Corfo; Hernán Conejeros, 3M and Mauricio Murillo, Pfizer

The latest meeting of the Intellectual Property and Innovation Committee took place on June 10. The event was attended by the Deputy Director of Corfo, María Isabel Salinas, who had been invited to take part. During the meeting, the Deputy Director addressed the benefits and opportunities afforded by Law No. 20.241 on Investigation and Development (I&D). Additional participants who presented their own experiences included Carlos Murillo, General Manager of Pfizer – which will soon be opening its research center in Chile – Hernán Conejeros, Lab & Technical Manager at 3M, and Mauricio Palma, General Manager at Orand, an SME to have benefited from the legislation. The meeting was moderated by Carlos Honorato, Co-Chair of the Committee.  

María Isabel explained that under the R&D Act, which was introduced in 2012, Chilean companies may use a tax incentive for investments in research and development, which will reduce, through First Category Taxation, 35% of resources allocated for research and development activities. This will contribute to improving the competiveness of Chilean companies.

Subsequently, Conejeros and Palma spoke about their experiences of working under this legislation, enabling participants to converse with the speakers and gain insight into the issue. 



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