Mining Council and Codelco sign agreements with the Ministry of Energy

The Mining Council (MC), the representative body of large-scale mining, and the Ministry of Energy have signed a collaborative agreement aimed at boosting an increasingly efficient use of energy among the constituent members of this business association. The agreement also sets out to strengthen initiatives contributing to innovation and a culture of the sensible use of energy, in line with relevant international best practices.

This industrial sector is the first to sign an agreement of this type. By doing so, it is foreseeing the implementation of new regulations with regard to large consumers of energy. It comes in light of the Energy Efficiency Bill due to be presented to Congress in the first quarter of 2015, as part of the wider Energy Agenda. Codelco, although a member of the MC, has signed a direct agreement with the Ministry of Energy on the same issue, given its status as a public company.

The Minister of Energy, Máximo Pacheco, believes this initiative is a way of solidifying a lengthy period of work that needs to be carried out by the sector, within the framework of what will become the next Energy Efficiency Act: “Chile is a mining country, where 15% of its energy demand and 39% of its electricity demand stem from this sector. That is why initiatives such as these are so important”.

Photo: Minister of Energy, Máximo Pacheco, Jean Paul Luksic and Joaquín Villarino of the Mining Council.