Eighth version of The Great Corporate Debate

In July, AmCham launched the first rounds of the eighth version of The Great Corporate Debate, an inter-company debate competition held in English. Participating companies on this occasion include: Walmart, Pfizer, Coca Cola and Banco Santander.

The aim of this activity is to provide executives with a chance to improve their speaking skills, by learning and practicing debating techniques in English. Such skills can have a direct impact on their abilities in arguing and coping during business negotiations.

AmCham General Manager, Roberto Matus, explained “this initiative is in line with AmCham’s mission of promoting relations between the United States and Chile, because through competitions such as this one, we are incorporating a very common American practice –debating”. He maintained that English is vital tool for any professional, regardless of the area in which he/she works. In today’s world, he continued, which is so globalized and highly competitive, the ability to speak English, and not only at the management level, is a clear competitive advantage for any business.

Photo: One of the debates held in the 2014 version.