AmCham seminar for promoting business with Texas

The Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Chile), in conjunction with the Texas Economic Development Corporation, has staged the seminar “Doing Business with Texas”. The event formed part of the Corporation’s business mission to Chile and was led by Texas Secretary of State, Nandita Berry. Proceedings covered opportunities and incentives for investment and start-ups in the southern US state. 

During her opening remarks, AmCham Chile President Kathleen Barclay explained that if Texas were a country, it would be the thirteenth largest economy in the world. A clarification such as this helped to convey the importance of Texas and the business opportunities it presents to Chileans. 

Secretary Perry highlighted Texas as the leading state for exports in the US. She noted its widespread recognition by important publications in terms of its economy and business development, stating “we have the best business model in the United States”. 

Likewise, she explained that Texas is an economy offering excellent business opportunities, especially due to its low tax rate (within the US context). This is because the state has no individual income tax, in addition to having robust and smart regulation and a large work force, driven by significant investment in education. 

Photo: Michael Grasty, AmCham Director; Kathleen Barclay, President of AmCham; Nandita Berry, Texas Secretary of State; and Leslie Ward, Chair of the Texas Economic Development Corporation.



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