Banco Santander wins The Great Corporate Debate at AmCham

The team from Banco Santander has won The Great Corporate Debate at AmCham, having defeated their counterparts from Pfizer in the final. The two finalists of the English-language competition were tasked with debating the issue of profit in education. Third place went to Walmart, who defeated the team from Coca Cola, by defending the position that the vote should not be mandatory for over-18s.    

The finals were hosted by the prominent television journalist Consuelo Saavedra, who used her experience from the world of communications to explain the professional challenge posed by debates of this type, while also helping to motivate the participants. 

In addition to the main prize, the recognition of “Best debater” was chosen from across all rounds, with the award going to Nicola Banco from Banco Santander. Similarly, the best debaters from the finals were chosen as Sofía Montijo from Banco Santander and Juan Andrés Larenas from Walmart. 

AmCham General Manager Roberto Matus congratulated the participating teams and highlighted the tremendous levels achieved over the almost two months of preparation and debates in reaching the finals. “This initiative is in line with AmCham’s mission of promoting relations between Chile and the United States, as the competition helps us to incorporate the widespread American practice of debating. English is a vital tool for any professional, regardless of the area in which they work”, stated Matus. 


The Banco Santander team with the judges and AmCham representatives. Winners: Diego Borges, Sofía Montijo, Germán Quappe, Xabier de Aretxabala and Carlos Chávez. 

The Pfizer team finished as runners-up: Daniel Viquez, Patricia Figueroa, Sol Goñi and Ana María Karachon.

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