Bci comes top in PROhumana Ranking 2014

Banco Bci has been placed top of the 10th National Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking for 2014. After accepting the award, the Head of Communications and CSR at Bci, Paola Alvano, said the noteworthy achievement was thanks to “consistency and coherence. Across all its departments, the bank works in pursuit of sustainability and is concerned with going beyond simply what the law demands. This is ongoing work that doesn’t just encompass one area, but covers the entire company”. 

Alvano dedicated the prize to the bank’s 10,800 workers across the county, as “every single one of them has been committed to our work by providing support to clients and suppliers. All large, medium and small businesses work with suppliers, who represent such a fundamental part of service delivery, and we consider them to be part of the team.  Our concern for them goes beyond just ensuring payment in a minimum of seven days or 30 days; we also assist them in their development, we provide joint-innovation and we listen to their concerns”. 

The award ceremony was attended by President Michelle Bachelet; the Minister of Labor, Javiera Blanco; the Minister of Justice, José Antonio Gómez; the Undersecretary of the Environment, Marcelo Mena; and the Undersecretary of the Economy, Katia Trusich, among other authorities.