World Branding Forum honors Kleenex as Global Brand of the Year

Kleenex, the disposable tissue division of Kimberly-Clark, has been honored as a Global Brand of the Year 2015 by World Branding Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting brand standards, for the benefit of the industry and consumers. The organization also coordinates and sponsors education and collaboration programs with universities and other institutions related to the field. More than 2,600 brands were nominated from 35 countries, with just 21 companies chosen as winners. Over 65,000 consumers from around the world voted for Kleenex, with voters also selecting additional winners from other categories, including Apple, Cartier, Coca-Cola, HSBC, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes Benz and Nike. The recognition awarded to Kleenex was based on three criteria: brand valuation, market research, and public online voting.