Microsoft and Fundación Chile conduct study on Cloud Computing

Just 55% of the executives who participated in the survey, Chile 4.0: Cloud Computing and the Future of Productivity, claimed to have a high level of understanding of cloud technology. The research undertaken by Fundación Chile and Microsoft aimed to gauge the local reality following the arrival of what has been called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This so-called revolution refers to the intensive use of advanced technologies and the internet, as well as cloud services (also known as cloud computing), and the Internet of Things, among others. The relevance of this issue stems from its direct relation to business productivity. Among the principal results of this study, the main gap identified relates to the high levels of importance of information security and the migration of data to the cloud for decision makers (92%), compared to the low levels of understanding among the relevant organizations working in the area (55%). The research paper concludes that the cloud model decreases costs and increases both efficiency and productivity for startups as well as established companies and the State.