Dr. Harvey Lodish visits Pfizer Chile’s center of excellence

The doctor Harvey Lodish, who has degrees in mathematics and chemistry, a PhD in genetics and is also Professor of Biology and Biomedical Engineering at MIT, has visited Pfizer Chile’s Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine (CEMP). During his trip, he met with the Center’s team of professionals who had the honor of explaining and discussing the lines of research being undertaken at the facility. Following an interesting conversation, Professor Lodish, who is also a founding member of the Whitehead Institute in the US, was pleasantly surprised by the fact that certain CEMP researchers are able to do their doctoral theses at the Center. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of the genome research that is being conducted at CEMP and stressed that the database with genetic information being built should be made public, given its value to the scientific community. Dr Lodish also shared information about his research and general experience as an entrepreneur.

His visit to CEMP formed part of Dr Lodish’s schedule in relation to the International Innovation and Biotechnology Conference: Connecting with the World, which was organized by AmCham Chile and Imagen de Chile.