Sodexo shares experience of gender equality policies

The Trade Union Schools New Leaders 2016 program has recently been inaugurated. The scheme itself was devised by the Ministry of Labor and executed by the Fundación Carlos Vial Espantoso and Duoc UC. During the inauguration event, Sodexo was invited to share its experience and vision of the impact of national social and economic development as part of efforts to strengthen gender equality policies and the relevant skills required by the leaders of the future. Discussions focused on the current role played by women in trade unions, as well as the leadership tools required to increase female presence in the field. During the conference, Janet Awad, Regional Chair of Sodexo Latin America and Country President of Sodexo Chile, emphasized that approximately 80% of the company’s workers are trade union members and, in Chile, 60% of these roles are filled by women.

Sodexo is one of the three companies in Chile certified with the Chilean Standard of Gender Equality NCh3262. The business also runs its own global initiative SWIFT, which promotes gender equality throughout the organization.