VTR Safe Internet: over 1,200 students learn about online risks

As part of its initiative ‘Safe Internet’ (Internet Segura), in October VTR held the most attended educational discussions of the year, with over 600 students participating in each one. The first of the two sessions was held for a group of cadets from the Metropolitan Region in the Carabinero School, while the second took place in the Bicentenario República del Brasil School in Concepcion. The 1,200 students who attended both sessions were aged between 10 and 13 years old. The aim of the discussions is to help the children and their teachers reflect on the risks posed by the internet, as well as to educate them on the uses and threats from applications such as Snapchat, the social network that deletes posted messages once they have been seen and which is highly popular among students. According to data from the most recent Safe Internet study compiled by VTR, adolescents share suggestive material on social media as follows: 14% of boys surveyed stated that they had taken and shared provocative photos, compared to 6% of girls.

Since 2008, VTR Safe Internet has held online safety discussion sessions for over 45,000 students across the country.