This program (which means “Your Creation Counts” in English) is aimed at young persons and entrepreneurs and focuses on the importance of intellectual property.

First implemented in 2014, it consists of an audiovisual film competition for productions of less than 30 seconds in length. These short-films must promote the protection and safeguarding of intellectual property. The context of the program includes its impact on securing new competitive advantages, improving brand positioning, incorporating new clients and customers, and ensuring greater market diversification. All this implies new benefits for creators, researchers, entrepreneurs and for society as a whole, and it helps contribute todomestic development in terms of greater technological and economic resources, ensuring the country is increasingly competitive in a globalized world.

The Tu Creación Vale competition rallies people between 18 and 35 years of age. Subjects covered include scientific and technology research, literary and artistic works, symbols and emblems, names, commercial brands, drawings and models used in marketing.