AmCham Directory


Guillermo Carey
Partner at Estudio Carey

Alejandra Aranda
President of Humanitas Chile / Cornerstone International Group

Janet Awad
Regional Chair de Sodexo Latam y Country President

Sergio Rademacher
Country Manager de Microsoft

Kathleen C. Barclay
Past President
Principal at Asesorías KCB Ltda..

Francisco Costabal
Vice President, Business Development and Administration South America Freeport-McMoRan South America

Charles Kimber
Head of Corporate and Commercial Affairs at Celulosa Arauco

Marcos Kulka
General Manager of Fundación Chile

Karen Poniachik

Director of Global Center Columbia University

Katia Trusich
Member of the Advisory board of CGE and president of the Chamber of Shopping Centers

Roberto Walker
President Principal International Latin America

Víctor Hassi
Director and treasurer, Chair of ProVida AFP

Honorary Director

James McCarthy
Ex-Officio / Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of the United States in Chile


Alejandro Hörmann
Communications Manager of Sodimac

Ricardo Margulis
CEO of Valle Nevado

Claudio Muñoz
President Telefónica Chile