Charles Kimber


Commercial and Corporate Affairs Manager of Arauco

Commercial Engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Since 1986 he has worked in Celulosa Arauco and Constitución S.A. (Arauco), one of the largest forestry companies in Latin America in terms of area and yield of its plantations, pulp production and production of sawn timber and panels. Currently, he holds the position of commercial manager and corporate affairs. Additionally, he is director of the Chilean Wood Corporation (Corma), director of Acción RSE, director of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, director of Puerto Lirquén, director SCX, director of Patagonia Sur and the following companies of the Arauco group: Forestry Celco, Arauco Forests, Cholguán Forestry, Los Lagos Forestry, Valdivia Forestry, Arauco Panels, Arauco Sawmills, Arauco Distribution, Arauco Logistics Services, Arauco Brazil, Montes del Plata Uruguay, Arauco USA, Arauco Peru, Arauco Colombia, Arauco Mexico, Arauco Australia , Arauco Europe and Arauco Educational Foundation.