Karen Poniachik


Director of the Global Center at Columbia University

Karen Poniachik is Director of the Global Center of Columbia University for Latin America based in Santiago. He also participates in the corporate boards of Metro S. and Nuevo Pudahuel, as well as on the advisory boards of the Chilean American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Chile) and the Corporate Governance Center of the Catholic University. Additionally, she is a consultant to the board of Maersk Containers Industries San Antonio.

She was Minister of Mining of Chile between 2006 and 2008 and, in that capacity, she presided over the boards of the state companies Codelco, Enap and Enami. Between 2006 and 2007 she also served as President of the Committee of Ministers of the National Energy Commission. Subsequently, he was the special representative of the Chilean government to the OECD in charge of negotiations for the country’s entry into the international institution, a process that culminated successfully in January 2010. He also served as Executive Vice President of the Foreign Investment Committee during the government of the President Ricardo Lagos (2000-2006). He has served on the corporate boards of E.CL, British American Tobacco Chile and Terpel Chile. She lived for twelve years in the city of New York, where she was Director of Business Programs at the Council of the Americas, an institution dedicated to promoting investment and free trade in the Americas, and an international policy analyst at the ECO / chain. Televisa He obtained a professional journalism degree from the Catholic University of Chile (1987) and a Master’s degree in International Relations from Columbia University in New York (1990).