The current Bylaws of the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Chile, were approved in 2014 during an extraordinary general meeting of members.

The Bylaws outline the following: all duties and responsibilities expected of Chamber members and members of the Board; the requirements for establishing general meetings; the responsibilities of the President and Treasurer; the composition and obligations of the Nominations Committee; the duties and structure of the Executive Committee; the role and responsibilities of the General Manager; and the requirements for amending the Bylaws, among other areas.

In line with legal requirements, all Bylaws are approved by the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism.

Estatutos Amcham 2014
Se establece una asociación gremial con el nombre de “Cámara Chileno Norteamericana de Comercio A.G.”, en adelante también indistintamente la “Asociación”, pudiendo actuar también bajo el nombre de fantasía “Amcham Chile A.G.”.