Investment & Trade Committee

The Trade Committee analyzes and monitors policies, regulation and legislative developments impacting the exchange of goods and services. Its goal is to promote trade through the dissemination of trends and opportunities, and address issues that contribute to national competitiveness and business growth, such as trade facilitation and logistics. The Committee generates dialogue between public and private organizations, seeking to incentivize trade between Chile and the United States, assess the different agreements reached, and measure their implications on international trade for the country.

Priority issues in 2015:

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP);Chile-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA); trade facilitation and logistics.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee provides a space for discussing, reflecting on and analyzing the economic and financial variables that affect business development and foreign investment. It monitors legislation and events which impact investment, finance and capital markets. One of its goals is to help position Santiago as the financial capital of the region.


Alfredo Ergas, AmCham Chile Advisor and General Manager of Fococapital.


Karen Poniachik, Director at AmCham Chile and American British Tobacco.

Priority issues in 2015:

Treaty on Double Taxation Avoidance; capital markets; reform of the pension system; foreign investment; Chile Day; Select USA.