Comité de Sustentabilidad

Chair: Kathleen Barclay (Board Member and a Previous President of AmCham Chile, Chief of Asesorías KCB Ltda.)

Co-chairs: Guillermo Turner (CMPC), Patricio Leyton (Ferrada Nehme)

Working Groups: EPR Table (Extended Producer Responsibility)

Business sustainability is a complex process that requires organising many changes within companies. These changes include cultural changes, creating new collaborative models and preparing new ways of working and business models. This must also be carried out among the many other evolutionary processes that make companies parties that contribute to the environment.

The Sustainability Committee of AmCham Chile was born from the idea of promoting a culture that fosters collaboration between different parties in civil society. This was to be done with a focus on environmental care and to ensure the correct, and comprehensive, implementation of the best practices for such actions. All so that the committee can provide a contribution to the creation of a sustainable future for both society and businesses.

To this end, the vision of the AmCham’s Sustainability Committee stems from understanding the idea that economic development and growth go hand in hand with caring for the environment. The Committee actively seeks to contribute to the debate that has appeared in the country. It also seeks to highlight the importance of fostering collaborative relationships between companies, the State, NGOs and communities in the strategic areas where productive actions take place. This committee also understands that this phenomenon generates an impact at different levels and in businesses of almost every sector.

The Sustainability Committee Working Group on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) derives directly from the Sustainability Committee.

Currently the EPR Board meets to discuss the implementation of Law No. 20,290, which establishes the framework for waste management, extended producer responsibility and the promotion of recycling. (“The EPR Law”).

Main Topics for 2019

  • Climate Change / COP25 / Global Warming
  • The Environment and its protection
  • Sustainable Business Models
  • Development of Communities neighbouring Investment Projects
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Standards (ESG) / Sustainable Investment
  • Public-Private-Community Relationships / Collaborative Relationships / Corporate-Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • The Law concerning Extended Producer Responsibility Recycling
  • Investments with Social Impacts