Energy Business Council Chile – USA

The Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Chile, operates with a number of different Committees, as well as a Chile-US Energy Business Council. Participation is exclusive to member companies and fosters engagement in in-depth discussions on different current issues. These instances are seen as a means with key strategic value for sharing information and ideas. Theworking groups are organized by themes/topics that address areas of interest, monitor the latest legislative developments, provide networking opportunities as well as for exchanging knowledge across multiple sectors. As such, they represent one of the fundamental working pillars of the Chamber. In addition, they regularly assess Chilean legal framework and improvement proposals, meaning AmCham Chile can act as a bridge between the needs and requirements of local business and the Government.

The thematic approach to committee operations aids in developing the Chamber’s agenda of activities that is aligned with its strategic priorities.



Offer members participation instances through which they can learn, discuss, network and feel representedon a number of issues. This, in turn, allows them to:

  • Increase competitiveness
  • Build networks
  • Generate strategic partnerships with academia
  • Coordinate public-private work
  • Monitor legislative developments