Frequently Asked Questions

AmCham Chile is the Chilean American Chamber of Commerce, a trade association which brings together businesses interested in trade, investment and the exchange of knowledge with the United States. The Chamber has over 96 years of history in Chile and currently has around 50 members.
AmCham Chile membership is open to any business, institution, natural or legal person, whether for-profit or nonprofit, with the exception of business associations. All membership requests are subject to approval from the Board.
AmCham Chile is a nonprofit organization and its funding comes from its members.
AmCham Chile funding comes from membership fees paid by its members on an annual basis, in addition to global partnerships and the sale of advertising space in corporate media.
The 12 members of the Board of Directors are elected by the direct vote of members, based on a list of candidates which is subject to prior approval by the Chamber’s Nominations Committee. These elections take place, preferably, on an annual basis during the month of October, with the elected individuals officially assuming their positions the following January.

Directors are elected to the Board for a period of three years. Board elections are held on a partial basis, with groups of four Directors being elected at any one time, with each Director eligible to serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Responsibilities of the AmCham Chile Board include overseeing and managing the association, the approval of new members, reviewing financial statements, appointing advisors to the Board and inspecting regulations governing the Chamber, among other issues.

Access to the different services offered by AmCham Chile, the chance to form part of a business network with high level executives, access to information, trends relating to diverse areas, to spaces of discussion and participation.
The different committees and the Chile-US Energy Business Council design their annual programs in accordance with the Chamber’s strategic guidelines: US investment in Chile, innovation and intellectual property, competitiveness, trade, tourism and education, and relevant reforms taking place at a national level. These issues are addressed in line with proposals made by constituent members as well as the prevailing issues of the day. Likewise, the exchange of good practices is sought between the two countries.
All members can join the Chamber’s different committees and its Energy Business Council activities.
The person or company wishing to become a member of AmCham Chile may complete our membership application form and send it to:
AmCham Chile has different fees according to the number of employees registered by each member company in Chile. For further information, please contact:
Any AmCham member can be a global sponsor of the Chamber. Promoting events and advertising in AmCham Chile media is open to all members as well as external companies, institutions and associations, whether public or private.
All members can form collaborative agreements and/or partnerships with the Chamber. All related requests or enquiries should be sent to:
  • In the Agenda section of the AmCham Chile website.
  • Through the digital newsletter AmCham News, sent regularly to Chamber members.
  • Invitations submitted by email.
AmCham Chile members can disseminate their news through the Chamber’s website, in the digital newsletter AmCham News and the Business Chile magazine. Accordingly, all relevant information should be sent to the Communications department of AmCham Chile at: This information will be published in certain media in accordance with its appropriateness and relevance.
AmCham Chile continually seeks to act as a permanent channel of interaction between representatives from the public and private spheres. Its goal is to promote dialogue, debate and the exchange of ideas and good practices, as well as to form partnerships and business networks while encouraging trade and investment.